Poetry: Infinite Love

By Monica C. Voskamp   She seeks after more More beauty,  more attention, more fame Anything for people to look her way.   She strives chasing the wind For something that can never Be bought, gained or achieved.   She seeks after more More than possible for her to give More than possible for her [...]

Poetry: Feminine Gold

By Monica C. Voskamp  Is that all I am Trash? Time after time One form of you Picks me up Looks me over And throws me away Without a Backward glance.   Is that all I’m worth? Just a pretty Pitiful plaything For a time Till some other Shiny penny Catches your eye?   Prove [...]

Poetry: A Man’s Queen

By Monica C. Voskamp   She throws herself to him. Her body. Her soul. Her time. Her love. Her affection.   She throws herself to him Everything she has Hoping to gain his attention. She will sacrifice the whole of herself For just one shallow glance Of his attention.   And there she lays herself [...]

Poetry: ..Worthy..

By Monica C. Voskamp   No one. No one determines your worth but you. You. You determine your worth You discover your worth You believe the truth too long untold: You are worthy.   You are worthy, not a pitiful worm not a sour taste not a mistake. You are worthy, Worthy of good.   [...]