Poetry: My Territory

By Monica C. Voskamp

Stay or leave

But nothing in between.

Be on my side

Or fight against me.

Just no lying is allowed

None of this pretty deceiving

None of this fickle wounding

Is no longer allowed

On the territory of me.

I’m too precious.

I’ve fought too hard.

I’ve fought too many demons

And scaled too many walls

For anyone to hold me back

For anyone to shove me down

And discredit all this value

And crush any territory of me.

I’ve left too many deserts.

I’ve left too many hell holes

To let in someone who will abuse

All the ground I’ve been working for.

I won’t give up this freedom fight.

I won’t sign off my sacred oath.

I won’t deny this land I’m living on

Growing strong beneath my feet.

I fight for her,

I live for her,

I die for her,

My precious territory.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Poetry: Consoling Human

By Monica C. Voskamp



Why you being so hard on yourself?

Don’t you see the whole entire

Race of humanity

Is struggling

-Just like you.


See you aren’t alone

In this vast flood of moving flesh

Hurting souls and weariness.

See you are not alone

But really very much

Together in humanity.



Don’t you know how much you mean

Even when you get it all wrong?

Don’t erase the entire value of you

Just because today was shitty

Or yesterday, or a month of days

You still outshine everything.


Take a bathe in the sunshine

Let your cheeks dress up in a smile

Let your tears water the garden

Let your snores stir up the neighbour.


Don’t you worry hun

You’re just as human as the rest of us

Stop trying to be so brave…

You’re only and wonderfully

My fellow human.


And in my opinion,

(Which I want to you believe

As a grand favour to yourself)

Being a heart-beating human

Makes you pretty great. 🙂


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash



Poetry: Rare Soul

By Monica C. Voskamp


Not a business deal

Not a credit card transaction

Pause wait a moment

Wait, this is real.


Real soul,

Real beauty,

Real time,

Nothing worth fair


Everything worth

More patient waiting.


Not a checklist

Not a blind decision

Pause wait a moment

She is real.


Real soul

Real beauty

Nothing worth fair


Everything worth

More patient waiting.


Hold your breathe

Savour slow

Let her trust you know

Her priceless worth.


She, the rare soul

A lifetime dance

Hasn’t been told

Hasn’t been showed

Such luxury yet.


So tread wisely,

And see her with eyes

Never seen before.

Touch her with grace

Never given before.

Love her with truth

Never spoken before.


She, the rare soul

Waiting for the beautiful

Waiting for the truthful

Waiting for the honourable.


She, the rare soul

Looking to live

Looking to give

Looking to love

With no regrets.


The broken yet beautiful

Souls waiting to merge

Souls craving to be

United together,

Forever vow.


Not a fling

Not a one nighter

Not a item to be used

Not a trophy wife

Nothing so trite.


She holds

Her value

Clutches close

Keeps coming back to it

When torn apart.


Don’t take lightly

Believe only in full

The depth inside

Rare soul’s treasure

Lifetime love.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash