Poetry: Infinite Love

By Monica C. Voskamp


She seeks after more

More beauty,  more attention, more fame

Anything for people to look her way.


She strives chasing the wind

For something that can never

Be bought, gained or achieved.


She seeks after more

More than possible for her to give

More than possible for her to attain.


What is this foolishness

Girl yet not woman

Striving for more?


What is this atrocity

Woman of a wife

Trying to earn love?


Women of this planet

Beautiful souls tormented

All yearning for love.


dear feminine souls, listen close

Stop all the mindless chatter

Listen to truth untold.


Precious one of a kind you,

You matter.

Not for what you do,

Not for what you become,

Not for what you lack.


You simply matter

Because you are loved

The woman of you.


You are loved with

Such wild authenticity

Beyond what you can imagine

Beyond what you can believe.


This gentle power of love

Has already walked the chambers

Of your anguished soul.

Has already felt the depth

Of your pain.


Love already understands

All you wish to be

But all you are not.


Love doesn’t demand

Doesn’t ask one iota of you.

Rather she gives,  embraces

The entirety of you.


Women of this world,

Please listen close

You need to hear.


You are loved,

There is nothing more

Nothing more to the equation.


You are loved beyond

Every shadow of any doubt.

Embrace this truth.


Come enter warmth,

Release your weary body

Into the sphere of free,

No price tags, no demands

Only peaceful belonging.


Wild uncontainable beauty,

Fire that ignites your soul,

This is what you’re longing for,

Infinite love.


Where you belong

Where you are called

Is beyond human knowledge

Is beyond the fathomable.


Dear feminine beauties, you,

Relentless, unconditional love

Inks every letter of your name.


Nothing for you to do,

Nothing to stand and protest

Nothing changes the verdict.


Infinite love writes only truth:

You. Are. Loved.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

Poetry: Abuse

By Monica C. Voskamp


You slam me down

With your looks.

You tell me I’m nothing

By belittling my smarts.

You keep me at a distance

Never let me  know

What actually is



You use me

Like I’m some pitiful object.

You couldn’t care less

If I am hurting.

You say you love me

Through pain.


Abuse. Again and again.








How I loathe you,

How I hate the years

You stole from me.

I’m filled with such pain

I constantly turn away.

It’s too great,



Abuse, you cut me down.

And justify with your gender

With your religion

With your pretty lies.

You knock me down

Till all I see in me

Is dirt.


Abuse, you think you have won

Many days I feel you have.

Everywhere I turn it seems,

You find me again.

It’s my greatest pain

That haunts me



Abuse, I will confront you.

I am. I am.

And in doing so it hurts like hell,

It hurts wounds exposed.

It hurts seeing my pain

So much so I will do anything

To numb the feeling,

To numb the wounding,

And surrender to the lie

I only deserve



But no. You will  not win.

I will never give up till my last breathe.

I will fight this poison,

This evil war on humanity.

I will fight as I tell my heart,

Damn those people, their evil.


Darling, don’t you listen to their lies.

You believe something different called truth.

You believe something beautiful called love.

You believe dear soul, you are enough.

And you don’t deserve,

Don’t ever, ever deserve



Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credits:  Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Poetry: Your Greatest Truth

By Monica C. Voskamp


Tell me please

Help me understand

Why do you lock yourself away

Why do you shut down?

It’s your worst mistake.


Love isn’t something to be afraid of.

Love isn’t something to run from.

So why, why the heck do you run?


Why do you hide

Why do you shut down

And fight like hell itself

To keep love out?


It’s a greater pain, I defend.

Than to be rejected, abandoned

To be unloved, unwanted

My souls reels hard

To risk, to relive such wounding

Ever again.


My spirit strives back & reminds:

Love doesn’t win this way you know;

Darkness does.

Darkness shuts out.

It traps, it enslaves

It condemns you to

A lonely life.


It refuses to acknowledge it’s curse.

It refuses to admit it’s dark secrets.

It only lies,

Dark evil thrives

On denying existence of love-light.


For darkness is true to it’s name,

Always covers

Always cowers

Always masks the truth

Of what really is

Good and beautiful.


Yes, It’s a bit maddening

When you let light in,

You see life exposed.

You realize beauty was hidden

Purposely from you.

The sting of this is great.

But darling there is no other way

Light is the only way,

To find your healing truth.


No matter how long it takes you,

Love keeps on steady.

It shines integrity.

It’s the order in this world

That drives chaos mad.


Love is standing up for you

Love is standing ready,

Ready to lead you

In truth.


Yes, it might hurt at first

To see lies exposed.

But just linger long.

Let your soul heal.

Breathe love in.


Don’t you worry

That you’re trembling afraid

That you’re still overwhelmed

By so much pain

So much anger

So much doubt.

When you let love in,

You will find an anchor strong.


Love remains.

Love defends.

Love conquers all.

Love reserves the very best for you.


Love doesn’t hide.

Love doesn’t distort truth.

Love is only good to you.


Dear bleeding soul,

Let down your walls,

Let love in.

It is your greatest truth.


Always believe. Always hope. Always love. 💕


*Photo Credits: https://unsplash.com/@cathalmacan

Poetry:..100 percent..

By Monica C. Voskamp


I believe in you.

I believe in you

Though not 100 percent



I believe in you

For what you can do

Right now.


I believe in you

You will find your joy

You will.


I believe in you

Even though this power,

Was not instilled in you.


It does not matter so much

The voices of the past.

They don’t stand a chance

Because your trumph card is this:

I’m finally starting to believe

In you.


That I finally can look at you

And smile when I do,

This gives me hope,

Hope I’m starting to believe.


Hope that I will do more

than just dream today.

Hope that one day I will

Believe the full 100 percent.


Today the door cracked opened.

I took the first step and decided:

I actually do believe.

I believe the most important part,

The very first 10 percent.


No matter it’s a little bit,

It is still belief.

I believe in beautiful humanity,

I believe in *you*.


Don’t lose heart at all.

Because as much as I believe

You can smile so beautiful,

(And I know you do this well)

Know you can also climb the charts to

100 percent.


Always believe. Always hope. Always love.  💕

Poetry: ..Worthy..

By Monica C. Voskamp


No one.

No one determines your worth

but you.


You determine your worth

You discover your worth

You believe the truth

too long untold:

You are worthy.


You are worthy,

not a pitiful worm

not a sour taste

not a mistake.

You are worthy,

Worthy of good.


Believe, receive, accept

this truth finally told,

You. Are. Worthy.

Now live loud,

Look up and wear

your  rightful crown,



Always believe. Always hope. Always love.  💕

* Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@jaysoobs