Poetry: Fires of Yesterday

By Monica C. Voskamp

Standing at the edge of today

You look around with disbelief and disdain

The house has burned to black ashes now

Only distant memories run and around and play.

Standing in the midst of those memories

You look and around, pause and contemplate

The years have spit out flames of evil and hate

Till finally, predictably, they burned down the whole place.

Standing in the rawest part of your soul

You look around, grieve and weep uncontrolled

The love you gave has been torched and burned alive

Nothing is left of those years but regrets and wasted time.

Standing with the past, the present and future days

You bear old scars and determine with resolve and brave

The fires of yesterday are gone, with only you to remain.

You left to build your castle of dreams and good

You left to build the beauty you’ve longed to give

You left to build the cause you’ve been fighting for.

You’re free, standing strong now

The ashes have been swept away.

The fires of yesterday are no more,

The castle of your dreams awaits.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash

Poetry: ..Leech Free..

By Monica C. Voskamp



All them leeching me.

They kept draining, kept taking

Kept telling me what I could or could not be.



They drained the lifeblood from my soul.

Day after day, year after year

Till all that was left was

Nothing resembling beautiful.



They were everywhere I looked.

They were sucking, over taking all of  me.

No matter my attempts to rid my body clean,

Those blasted suckers just dug deeper in me.


Leeches called greed, leeches called control,

Leaches called lust, fear, and all things awful.



I needed a tub full of salt.

Salt detaches leeches so I’m told.

I needed a tub full of magical substance

To soak away years of poison,

Poison that had seeped into my soul.



White healing salts.

Enveloping me, releasing all the black pieces.

This is my cleansing, my bath to release

All the filth that’s been covering me.


I let the past drain away, I watch the black slide off my body.

All its poison, all of its harm, I let it go.

I feel the salt overpower,

And a great weight falls off of me.


I’m anew,

Stunningly clean,

Shining in my present moment now.

I inhale this deep glory,

Leech free.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤


*Photo Credit: Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Poetry: Winter’s Hold

By Monica C. Voskamp



You’d be the death of me,

If not for spring.

Wonderfully I finally sense you leaving.

I finally feel a taste of



The dead, the cold, the barren

Is beginning to leave.

Newness is just waiting to


Yet winter you still lurk nearby.

You still threaten

To storm me away

To freeze my heart

To darken my hopes

Winter, you threaten to undo me.


I hate standing on this threshold,

Straddling winter and spring.

I long for the old to be gone.

The numbing pain of cold

To be far from my heart.

I long for the bitter strength of winter to

Just let go, let go of choking me.
But here I am,

Still struggling to make my way

Out of the dark long night.

It’s a season I wish to deny,

A season I wish to omit.

But I can’t.


Life’s dark winter people just know

How to drain all the good out of me.

I can’t see the sun.

I can’t see the moon.

This winter storm blinds me to reality,

It makes me struggle to believe,

Spring is even still to come.


But I don’t give up.

I repeat my mantra,  Never give up,

As I battle this threshold

Between winter and spring.


So here I am praying with all I have left,

Winter please let go of me,

You bantered with me long enough.

Please just move on from me.

I pray.

I hope.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll open my eyes

To spring.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Cover photo credits: Photo by Christian Kielberg on Unsplash

Free Bird

Relationships effect your health, holistically.  Our spirits are either crushed or nurtured. We either thrive or just get by.  I haven’t been able to describe in a few words what it’s like to be in a toxic relationship and then get out.  Free Bird is a flicker of the past and a realization of the present.


Free Bird

By Monica C. Voskamp

You tried to suck the life out of me.

You tried to trap me like a bird.

You may have stripped some feathers,

But you didn’t break me.


I’m free,

Free of you.

Free of your cage.

Free of your poison.

Free of your lies.

I can fly now,

I’m free.


I can fly now,

I believe in dreams again.

I can smile now,

I believe love does exist.

I’m not just trying to survive now,

I’m learning to thrive.

Because I left you,

Because I left your cage,

I fly free.

I am me.


And if you ever think of me,

Look up to the skies.

That’s where you’ll find me.

You’ll see the past is left behind.

You’ll see the new version of me

Is the best I’ve ever been.


No, you didn’t break me.

You helped me see,

What cripples birds like me.

You helped me discover,

Strength, courage and bravery.

You pushed me over the edge,

And that’s where I found my wings.


So you see I’m flying now,

Being myself,

Being beautiful,

Being me,

Free Bird.