Hello Self: Please know This

By Monica C. Voskamp


Hello Self, Please Know this:

You are not your younger you. Your younger self still speaks up.  There is a difference.

Your younger you knew the pain of rejection, repeatedly.  You lived in a state of identifying yourself as inadequate, a reject. You weren’t good enough. Your younger you labeled yourself by other people’s words and actions, and in doing so you rejected the most precious gift: YOURSELF. And that hurt you. Rejection hurts.

But the present you has learned a lot. 🙂 You learned you are a gift. All of you. You remind yourself you’re this awesome messy kind of beautiful. You acknowledge your flaws, but you no longer label yourself a reject, a nobody. You embrace your weak areas and see them as opportunities to be strengthened by yourself and others.
However dear Self…triggers happen. These things are like a moment in time or a situation that reminds you of emotions from your younger self. Suddenly you’re caught in a major over-reaction to a person or situation and wondering: Why? Please, dear self: Calm down. It’s okay. It’s simply your younger self, flaring up from what it knew was normal.

These triggers are part of healing and strengthening you. In the past, when cruel words were spoken, when certain situations happened, you affirmed negative messages:

” I mean nothing.  I’m being rejected, again. And I don’t matter.”

Your younger self is simply testing where you are at right now; it is testing your identity circuit. 

This is a good thing!  Hey, look at it like this. Technology gets upgraded and checked to make sure the circuits are running smoothly and no glitches are happening. When something is off, they get attention. That may be a weak example because you FAR exceed any techy device 😀  But like a blinking light on a computer system indicating a error, it is important to pay attention when your younger self speaks up.

You have the chance to pause, re-evaluate emotions and facts, and move forward in your rightful identity.  Don’t let old voices, emotions terrify you. Though it may a little overwhelming when your younger self speaks up, it’s important to listen. Just don’t re-define yourself by the past voices. Simply acknowledge what is going on and then settle yourself in the truth of the present you. You’ve done a major overhaul on your thinking to be aligned with your true self.

Embrace who you are now dear Self. You’ve been willing to change your thinking and now are a different person because of it!

So this, this is what I want you to remember:

-your identity isn’t based on other’s words or actions
-you are listening and respecting your emotions
-you are learning to redirect and guard your thinking
-you aren’t afraid of being YOU
-you are willing and able to confront your fears
-you are a gift as yourself

I just wanted you to know, really know this.
Your welcome.
Love from, Yourself Present Self.


Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash