Poetry: Depth of Sad

By Monica C. Voskamp   Why am I sad? Why am I sad you ask? I wish I knew.   I just know my heart has plunged deep. And is now drumming loud with pain. These tears are falling hot and slow Triggered by songs Lady Gaga sings.   Tell me why I’m sad, Because [...]

Divorce: the Broken Song.

By Monica C. Voskamp   We move together. We flow, we sway We lean, we bend And then something begins To give way.   Only so much And only so little Can 2 souls take Before they bend too much Before they break too much.   Piece by piece Song by song Fragmented over time [...]

Poetry: Summer Song

By Monica C. Voskamp   Floated away Late one summer's eve My heart's song.   I search the wind The forests deep I search the creeks, The streams and trees But cannot find her.   Captured somewhere Her voice can't speak My heart's song.   I call out to the stars I scream into the [...]

Poetry:..Silent Pain..

By Monica C. Voskamp   It’s raining here tonight, Tears. It’s raining a slow steady stream. It’s the gentle sort of rain, One that’s quiet yet seen.   It’s raining here tonight, A gentle steady stream. It’s raining here tonight, It’s raining, Silent pain.   Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤️ Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@maxwbender