Poetry: Maybe It’s Because

By Monica C. Voskamp He could taste the salty ocean As the droplets hit his face, He laughed as he watched her Shake loose her golden locks Of ocean wet. The sun was hot and shone Fierce rays of mid afternoon Yet nothing glowed more Than the sparkle of blue Eyes upon him. "You know [...]

Poetry: Matrimonial

By Monica C. Voskamp I’m standing at a distance. You’re on the other side I see the door in between. And I hesitate to step inside. You are patiently waiting You are calm and certain. Hurt many times before Afraid to trust once more I stand in the entry to you Watching to see the [...]

Poetry: Never that Far Away

By Monica C. Voskamp Once captured your heart Not too long ago Time stood still for awhile As you watched me March on with life. Not one to deter Not one to give up But one to believe Miracles are the thing That come into reach For those who dare chase Greater dreams. You waited [...]

Poetry: Story of Us

By Monica C. Voskamp Rolling off my tongue So easily this sound Letters dancing fluidly As I murmur your name Out loud. Sliding across my mind A natural flow of life Thoughts laugh happily As I contemplate your way With me. Vibrating all my inside A kaleidoscope of hope Colours changing constantly As I encounter [...]

Poetry: Calling You

By Monica C. Voskamp Through the winds Over the hills Past the mountain range, Hear me calling you tonight. I am here, Right beside you. Even when the winds are howling Even when the rain is driving Even when the fog clouds everything, I am here calling out your name. Hear me calling, As you go [...]