Poetry: Crystal Clear

By Monica C. Voskamp You love me And I love you. I didn’t have to earn your approval. You just do Approve of me, Quite obviously.   You approve without me asking You look my way and I know You are smitten. And there’s no where you’d rather be Then right here with me.   [...]

Poetry: Heart Bleed

By Monica C. Voskamp   There it goes again. My heart, Bleeding out your name. There it goes again, Bleeding relentlessly. I can’t seem to stop This ache torturing me.   Love is such a funny thing You’d think in time It would change, fade And gradually go away. But love does not. It simply [...]

Poetry: ..walking in love…

By Monica C. Voskamp   Why do you run? Why do you flee back to the shadows The moment you are basking in warm sunlight? Why darling girl, Why do you run so hard From the good, the beautiful From the life-light of love?   Why?? Don't you know by now? It hurts Soul. It [...]

The Wait.

  (A Short Story) By Monica C. Voskamp Alone. Alone she ran down the path, away from the ceremony. She left behind the music , the crowd, the cake, the gifts..she left as a running bride, running from the man still standing there. The man she loved, Ryan, who had just said vows to her. [...]

The Scale of Significance.

By Monica C. Voskamp Significance. It has a scale.  I made a simple sketch of it. Where do you see yourself on this scale? ^^^ Trash? Royalty? Somewhere in between? It matters. Where you see yourself on this scale is going to penetrate every area of your life. It's going affect how you interact in [...]