Poetry: Nightmare Trauma

*** Trigger warning *** By Monica C. Voskamp   Frozen pillar of femininity, Stuck in time Stuck in a memory Of evil haunting.   Broken spell, Touch of love Poison gushing Woman melting Gasping for air.   Years of pain hidden Now over taking, Wounded woman reliving, Rape.   Gentle presence whispering Holding her steady [...]

Poetry: The King

By Monica C. Voskamp (Inspired by the parable my mom told me of a good king)   The King looks down and sees Not the reality of commoners Fighting, shouting and ever Judging their fellow man.   The King looks down and sees A different reality: The suffering in their hearts, Their longing to be [...]

Poetry: Feminine Gold

By Monica C. Voskamp  Is that all I am Trash? Time after time One form of you Picks me up Looks me over And throws me away Without a Backward glance.   Is that all I’m worth? Just a pretty Pitiful plaything For a time Till some other Shiny penny Catches your eye?   Prove [...]