Poetry: Under the Moon.

By Monica C. Voskamp   His hands found my throat, Slowly they curved Around it's pillar Softly he held me, Right there.   I felt the strength in his hands Fingers clasped round My neck. I felt his strength, His power, His discipline, His care to not hurt, But handle me Strong.   He let [...]


Poetry: the portal of love

{ for my mom } By Monica C. Voskamp   Love. You see me different. I'm a little odd, A little out of place, Different, than the rest of the bunch.   I'm different, not wrong You say. You don't hinder my growth Because you see my unique beauty. You see my own beauty. You [...]

Poetry: Locked in the Grey.

By Monica C. Voskamp   I lost my soul in another place. The place inside me that was once sunshine Has been taken from me. My soul is lost in another place.   It's a grey world here. I don't know sunshine no more. Colors don't exist, In the city I reside. I lost my [...]

Poetry: the answers.

By Monica C. Voskamp   the answers continue to elude me. time and time again. I'm a long time searcher. I'm a weary searcher. I'm tired of not finding the answers.   I'm tired of trying on ways. I'm tired of what doesn't work.   Its so empty. So shallow. Just doing good things. Just [...]

The Void, the Voice.

By Monica C. Voskamp   the Void inside. such a deep dark hole. a bottomless pit. who could, who has escaped it?   the Voice inside. such a persistent thing. it calls me names. it tells me lies. it keeps on, keeps on echoing.   the Void. the Voice. my soul begs to be released. [...]

The Love Chase: Paused here, Afraid.

By Monica C. Voskamp I do so much to silence this deep ache inside. I deny. I run. I hide. I ignore the jagged lines in my soul, Bleeding out dark pain untold. I don’t want to face this pain in me. I don’t want it’s dark misery. My stomach curls. I feel it’s weight. [...]

Love While You Can

Love While you Can By Monica C. Voskamp September 9, 2018 Love while you can, Share your smile with the world. Laugh with each other, And always make amends. Life’s too short to look back or ahead. Make the most of this moment, You have here, Today.   Love while you can, Live life right [...]