Poetry: Clarity

By Monica C. Voskamp   It was crazy. Chaos was everywhere. Life was a living nightmare. Her skin was cold from the pelting rain. Her clothes were worn from the long journey. Her boat was rattled from the nightmare tsunami. Nothing was different but everything changed When she woke up to the sound of clarity. [...]

Poetry: I’ll Help You

By Monica C. Voskamp   “Will you help me?” Asked the old lady On the corner street Her voice eager with hope.   Her clothes were faded. Her teeth were stained. Her hair was unbrushed. Her body was shivering.   “Will you help me?" asked the old lady To the young man passing her by. [...]

Poetry: Tell Him a Message

By Monica C. Voskamp Do you miss me the way I miss you It’s only been a few days But last week already feels Like too many years ago.   Do you think of me Before you sleep like I think of you? Do you imagine me in your arms Safe secure and feeling of [...]

Poetry: Can you hear me?

By Monica C. Voskamp Can you hear me, she asks. Eyelids slowly lift up Intense orbs gaze on you. Time stands still in this Intimate exposure of truth.   No words are spoken at all Just a million and one shades Of questions and concerns Of worries and fears Of love clearly written.   All [...]

Poetry: Almost

By Monica C. Voskamp It was like a sea of ocean blue The skies were that bright and vibrant She could almost taste the freshness Of a warm spring day Almost.   She smiled as she kept her head Tilted up towards the tapestry Of deep blues and puffy white clouds Her eyes soaked in [...]

Poetry: The Energy Inside

By Monica C. Voskamp   The power swirls inside A restless energy force Vibrant and chaotic it builds You pull from it how, when And where you will.   This magical force you conjure At your bidding and command Growing in strength every day It stands attentive and loyal Obedient only to you.   Your [...]

Poetry: Depth of Sad

By Monica C. Voskamp   Why am I sad? Why am I sad you ask? I wish I knew.   I just know my heart has plunged deep. And is now drumming loud with pain. These tears are falling hot and slow Triggered by songs Lady Gaga sings.   Tell me why I’m sad, Because [...]