Poetry: ..the monsters limits..

By Monica C. Voskakmp   They were constricting. Constricting faster than her heart could beat. All this anxiety, All this fear, Constricting her very life beat.   Thoughts consuming, Worries building. Always ever only constricting her ability To live, thrive and breathe.   Fear kept tightening its chains Round her weary body. Worry kept sucking [...]

Love Series Day#8 Part 1: the prison of selfishness

By Monica C. Voskamp Selfishness. This has been the hardest aspect of love thus far. What I've uncovered I wish to deny, hence, I've stalled on this post! Selfishness revolves around ONE world, the person themselves. Think about it. That holds heavy implications for a person's value. It means your value is a shifting one, [...]