Poetry: Hold Me Close

By Monica C. Voskamp


Hold me close

When the shivers of the past

Clutch my throat.


Hold me close

As I can’t stop the shaking



Hold me close

And tell me a new message

Write into my soul every language

That will speak forever

The foreign words,



Just hold me close

As the pain weeps from my soul

It is dark– I’m sorry for that-

But I need you to stay

Don’t let me go.


Let me stay here for a moment longer

Let the pain weep bitterly

So all the poison comes out

Hold me close.


Be patient while I heal

Love, please promise me

You’ll hold me close.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


Poetry: Soul Caressing

By Monica C. Voskamp


Come caress my soul

With your kindness

I yearn to feel tenderness

Enter the labyrinth who I am,

My soul.


Come caress my soul

With loyalty and truth

I lean into hands of strength

Softly stroking me o’er

Healing, refreshing



Intertwined and mingling

Heat of endless love

Souls embed and cherishing

Quiet rhythm making

The treasures of few,



Come caress my soul

Feed it with beauty and wonder

Kindness, patience, integrity

Sighs of ecstasy unhindered now

Delight of finding,



Come caress my soul

Chase me down relentlessly

Hold me chest pressed close

Seducing heartbeats,

Choice whispering,



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤


*Photo Credit: Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Poetry Story: Orb of Love

By Monica C. Voskamp


Stories told long ago of a fairytale world.

After years of searching woman finally found,

The mystic wonder globe.


Now, now it’s standing in front of her,

An enchanting sight,

A diamond orb of love.


Peering inside, woman sees a magical scene,

Rainbow colour notes are welcoming

They play so beautifully, like angels wings

A peaceful song she’s never heard before.


For a moment, woman hesitates.

It’s a new world, very foreign to her.

She’s been on the outside for so long.

Maybe it’s too late to embrace

Such a different alluring place,

Orb of love.


She has no idea the immensity of power,

She has no idea the magnitude of beauty

It both frightens and beckons her soul

Calling her, inviting her

Come enjoy, discover and explore

Orb of love.


Woman tilts her head to listen.

Music’s playing from the orb

Such a soul soothing melody

Such  captivating sounds

Every fiber of her being is called.


She can resist no more.

Woman of fear steps forward

Into the orb.


She walks inside the sparkling sphere

Mesmerized, spellbound she can’t deny

Clearly, the magic is here.


Warm living colours dance around her slow

Welcoming, gently caressing her being.

Joy, laughter, love and peace

These, the colours, musical notes

All welcoming her in.


She smiles as the magical wisps tickle her lips

Begging her to sing,

She laughs as colours dance through her hair

Helping her find new rhythm.


She allows the vibes to embrace her

And for a moment, she just breathes in.

One by one the wisps soak into her soul,

Producing a feeling completely beautiful.


She closes her eyes blissfully.

The magic is happening,

Little does she realize

Transformation is only beginning.


The atmosphere takes over

Everything within her slows

Her mountain load of worries pain and sorrow

Being to dissipate into the world

Of free, joy, love and healing.


It’s perfect she thinks.

Maybe too perfect, she wonders.

Her heart freezes at the thought.

Maybe it’s too good to be true

Maybe it’s just a trick

Maybe it’s just another lie

From the sick twisted world

She’s always known.


Old voice of fear calls out,

She hears him in outside winds.

His voice is faded yet she still hears

He is warning her, warning her of something.

She stops to listen.


Suddenly the colors step back

Gently but clearly giving her space.

His shadowed voice calls to her

The wind of fear speaks harsh.

Girl, how dare you leave me,

Get out of this place,

Get out now.


The familiar of fear throws her body into action.

Woman runs from the orb to the entry.

She picks up her discarded shield and sword

Ready to defend herself

Ready to fight against

All  forces of the orb.


But to her surprise

The glowing winds of magic

Just quietly look on, just quietly hum

Their soothing tranquility song.


Woman looks to the door

It’s open, giving free access.

She remembers the dark

Her old familiar friend

Fickle friend of past,

Haunting voice of terror

Voice of fear.


She shivers remembering.

The fingers of his voice

Always clenching her being.

She sees him at the door,

Threatening, lurking

Trying to regain his power.


He taunts her low,

Woman, you don’t deserve the orb

What makes you think you are worthy?


Don’t believe the orb,

Don’t believe in hope.

Believe what you know..

Shame, pain, sorrow and hate.


So come back,

Come dance the shadows with me,

Here in your rightful place,

Hiding, cowering,

My slave.



The sound of her voice is surprisingly loud.

Her head firmly shakes No.

Her hands place both sword and shield on the ground,

Surrendered, unafraid.

No, I won’t, she defies Fear.


I’ve been too long pursuing

Too long fighting for me to give up now.

The orb is real. Love is real.

I’ve found what I’ve been

Searching for.


She kicks her weapons hard out the door

And hears a wounded cry

Fear howling protest

But he leaves rejected,



The gentle vibes glow soft and come close

Circling the woman with kindness

Yes, she cries, yes please hold me now.

She lets the airs of love filter newness

In every strand of DNA.


The wisps carry her to orb’s center,

With colours transmitting only brighter.

Hope and peace, such unknown ecstasy

Woman’s mind, soul and body

Both lost and found in this

The magical world.


She feels the warmth,

She feels the glow,

She feels the heartbeat rhythm,

Orb of Love.


Divine gently rewrites inside

A new melody starts playing

And now she knows.


She knows what she has found.

She’s found the impossible,

She’s found what was waiting

All her life long.


Woman brave found the orb of love

Woman brave found the song

Her heart’s been aching for,



Always hope. Always believe. Always love.  ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Poetry: The way I love

By Monica C. Voskamp


You don’t know how many times

I wish you knew

You don’t know how many ways

I worked just for you.


I loved with everything

I had.

I loved for every need

You knew.


I loved because it was

Never too much for me

To show the way I love you.


You don’t know the places

I traveled for you

You don’t the sacrifices

I made just for you.


I loved with all my energy

I loved with every part of me

I gave you the best of me

Darling, I have loved you.


Don’t you see?

I loved without holding back.

I loved with everything I had.

And this is still the way

The way I’ll always love you.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash





Poetry: Rare Soul

By Monica C. Voskamp


Not a business deal

Not a credit card transaction

Pause wait a moment

Wait, this is real.


Real soul,

Real beauty,

Real time,

Nothing worth fair


Everything worth

More patient waiting.


Not a checklist

Not a blind decision

Pause wait a moment

She is real.


Real soul

Real beauty

Nothing worth fair


Everything worth

More patient waiting.


Hold your breathe

Savour slow

Let her trust you know

Her priceless worth.


She, the rare soul

A lifetime dance

Hasn’t been told

Hasn’t been showed

Such luxury yet.


So tread wisely,

And see her with eyes

Never seen before.

Touch her with grace

Never given before.

Love her with truth

Never spoken before.


She, the rare soul

Waiting for the beautiful

Waiting for the truthful

Waiting for the honourable.


She, the rare soul

Looking to live

Looking to give

Looking to love

With no regrets.


The broken yet beautiful

Souls waiting to merge

Souls craving to be

United together,

Forever vow.


Not a fling

Not a one nighter

Not a item to be used

Not a trophy wife

Nothing so trite.


She holds

Her value

Clutches close

Keeps coming back to it

When torn apart.


Don’t take lightly

Believe only in full

The depth inside

Rare soul’s treasure

Lifetime love.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash