Poetry: Regret

By Monica C. Voskamp   I lost you to the wind One day you were here And the next you were gone I lost you to the wind And there’s no way You’re ever coming back.   I could search my whole life I could sail the 7 seas I could cross the distant sands [...]

Poetry: Finding My Way

By Monica C. Voskamp   I’m sending up whispered lonely prayers Wandering round in hasty twilight hours Anxiety building as is the dark I don’t even know which road I’m on So God please quick, Help me find my way back home.   I thought I had read my compass just right But it seems [...]

Poetry: Summer Song

By Monica C. Voskamp   Floated away Late one summer's eve My heart's song.   I search the wind The forests deep I search the creeks, The streams and trees But cannot find her.   Captured somewhere Her voice can't speak My heart's song.   I call out to the stars I scream into the [...]

Poetry: Soil of Ruins

By Monica C. Voskamp Let me soak this quiet in Just for a moment Let me close my eyes And live where time is not. Escape to another world That holds no stress No turmoil, no pain This my destination. It’s calm here Bliss Relaxing Perfect vision Pure ecstasy. This hidden fantasy Calls me every [...]