Poetry: SOS

By Monica C. Voskamp   Broken, cut straight open, I didn't know how much The wounding hurt for I Swallowed whole the pill of numb.   Broken, cut straight open, I didn't know I'd feel The accumulated pain Pound my punctured arteries.   Broken, cut straight open, I didn't realize my stupor So obviously bleeded [...]

Poetry: Dare

By Monica C. Voskamp   Dare to consider. Dare to be right or wrong. Dare to inquire, change and grow.   Dare to listen, without pretence. Dare to drink in, only silence. Dare to speak, move on and let go.   Most of all dare to choose The essence of you. Dare, to dare.   [...]

Poetry: Write Your Page

By Monica C. Voskamp   I turned the page and found Blank white with no scribbles. There were no mistakes. No scratched out lines. No misspellings. I savoured the moment, So freshly untainted.   But within a few minutes I blurbed splotches of ink. I didn't cringe. I didn't cry. I simply acknowledged and moved [...]

Poetry: You Matter

By Monica C. Voskamp You don’t realize Right now the impact You have on that person Right there beside you. But just because You don’t realize Doesn’t mean you give up. And just because No one recognizes Doesn’t mean you bail. The gift you are The life you give, The smiles you bring, You don’t [...]