Poetry: Feminine Gold

By Monica C. Voskamp  Is that all I am Trash? Time after time One form of you Picks me up Looks me over And throws me away Without a Backward glance.   Is that all I’m worth? Just a pretty Pitiful plaything For a time Till some other Shiny penny Catches your eye?   Prove [...]

Poetry: ..Worthy..

By Monica C. Voskamp   No one. No one determines your worth but you. You. You determine your worth You discover your worth You believe the truth too long untold: You are worthy.   You are worthy, not a pitiful worm not a sour taste not a mistake. You are worthy, Worthy of good.   [...]

Free Bird

Relationships effect your health, holistically.  Our spirits are either crushed or nurtured. We either thrive or just get by.  I haven't been able to describe in a few words what it's like to be in a toxic relationship and then get out.  Free Bird is a flicker of the past and a realization of the [...]