Poetry: Hope

I look out my window

And I see a whole new world.

By Monica C. Voskamp

I look out my window

And I see a whole new world.

The grass is glistening diamonds

The trees are blossoming cherry red

The children are giggling loud

While hiding behind garden shrubs.

The grass smells of the sweetest fragrance

That would outbid any chanel.

The birds are singing soprano,

And I, I am here all smiles.

For I look out my window

And I see hope.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

Poetry: All You Need to See

By Monica C. Voskamp

Staring at the page

Lost by blotted lines

Lost in the journey

Lost in time.

If only we could

Turn back time.

If only we could

Change our minds.

If only we could

See things differently.

If only is not real

So sorry honey,

But face the facts

It’s time to move on.

Read the next line.

Leave yesterday’s world.

Write the next words.

Let go of the hurting.

You still have now.

Turn a new key.

Unlock a different door.

Travel a better road.

Create great memories.

You still have now

And this is all,

You really need to see.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash

Healthy Living Tip: Remember the Good

By Monica C. Voskamp

I’ve been getting lost, stuck by a mental brick wall. I’ve a project to work on yet I keep delaying for some reason. It’s like I’m frozen & can’t push to the next step. Don’t ask me why; I just feel stuck.  And I’ve become focused on my “stuckness”, which has got me retracing into my past and various regrets I have.

I got some feedback from my lifecoach today and they pointed out my focus was on defeat. I feel defeated right now and by my past mistakes. I didn’t realize I had started to narrow my vision to defeats, but I had and it’s been taking me down.

My lifecoach encouraged me: if you’re going to look that closely at the past, if you’ve honed that skill, then look at what you did do right.

Good advice. I smile. I am an expert at regret, at detail, at seeing the past and recounting it till it drives me mad. So why not take the advice, and look at what I did do right? Why not remember what moments were incredible, what memories I wouldn’t change because they were beautiful even in times the rest of my life was not? That’s what I’m sitting down to do tonight…take some time, invest it wise, recount the ways I got it right & ways others brought me smiles.

I’m flipping through the files in my brain like my life coach suggested…to find the good memories and moments worth remembering that were there.

Here’s the first memory that came:

…I’m coming home from work and taking time to sit with my roommate and enjoying a meal together….This happened often. I think one time even a glass of wine; I savoured that one. I remember my roommate telling me to get out a plate and come enjoy whatever food she was eating. Sometimes I would barely get out of my coat, my legs were too tired, I’d just plop there on the barstool chair. We’d chat, share random tidbits of our lives.  Laugh. Sometimes cry. And even though it was late, even though I had worked the day away, and was more than ready for bed, those moments and minutes of chatting with another human soul over some tasty eats, well those moments in time still bring a smile to me. My smile is paused right now here in those memories, and you know what? It feels incredibly good.  It’s funny how simple moments like that, are the ones you look back at and the ones you see are laced with love. 

It’s hopeful to me. I can look back and see there were good moments even in times I wasn’t getting it all right. Those happy moments are worth remembering & celebrating; they are key lights of hope during rough times.

How about you? If you flip back into a chapter of life that perhaps wasn’t the proudest in your life, what good was tucked in there? There has to be one memory. No matter how random it is, there has to be a memory or two of sunshine. I know there is. Because if you’re reading this, you’ve only got this far because you’ve HAD moments of hope woven in your life. Those moments, though seemingly small, are what have kept you going through the rough and regrets. Trace back to a good memory. Linger there. Let that feeling re-flood your soul.

You are reliving love and hope.

And that is a good way to end the day.   Go to sleep with that goodness in your heart. ❤

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

Poetry Story: All She Could See

By Monica C. Voskamp

All she could see was the dark.

Everywhere she looked was masked

With thick oozing blood of black.

Nothing was as she wished it could be.

She pushed hard her hands against 

The thick wall of pitch black dark

Her hands probed but felt nothing

Nothing but heavy air.

Disappointed by not deterred

She forced wide an opening hole

And called out loud just to find

Nothing there but silence bare.

She winced to push her body through

Her self made portal of eerie black.

She tapped the channel of inner pain

Her energy to guide the way.

She felt herself tumble then hurl

Free fall to an unseen realm below.

For years and years all she did was fall

Spiralling in loneliness and sorrow.

Finally she landed on a hard platform

The air was thick with her own pain.

Despair the only oxygen she gulped in

Hopelessness daily fed her veins.

Desperation and bitter fierce screams

She filled the chamber with agony tears.

She whispered a death mercy prayer

Nothing more left to give.

And that’s when her spirit felt,

A strange presence alert her mind,

Don’t give up strong warrior

Hope is still found down here.”
She hung onto that breathe of life

With new energy flushing her veins.

She welcomed it’s warmth to penetrate

Feeling a strength vibrate her hands.

Her fingers unfolded beams of light

Their power crumbling layers of dark.

All she could see for light years ahead

Was her own beautiful stars.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

Photo Credit: Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Poetry: Shattered Mosaic

By Monica C. Voskamp


Broken, again

Can’t stop this vase

From shattering

How many times

How many times

Can I shatter

And rebuild?


Hope, don’t you dare 

Lose your hold on me

Be the super glue

That pieces me together

Every time I break

Be the peace that fills

Every crevice of



Love, promise me

You will be the light

That shines through my mosaic

Transform all the shattered veins

Weave them into a masterpiece

Only your power has the ability to



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@drmakete