Poetry: All You Need to See

By Monica C. Voskamp Staring at the page Lost by blotted lines Lost in the journey Lost in time. If only we could Turn back time. If only we could Change our minds. If only we could See things differently. If only is not real So sorry honey, But face the facts It's time to [...]

Healthy Living Tip: Remember the Good

By Monica C. Voskamp I've been getting lost, stuck by a mental brick wall. I've a project to work on yet I keep delaying for some reason. It's like I'm frozen & can't push to the next step. Don't ask me why; I just feel stuck.  And I've become focused on my "stuckness", which has [...]

Poetry Story: All She Could See

By Monica C. Voskamp All she could see was the dark. Everywhere she looked was masked With thick oozing blood of black. Nothing was as she wished it could be. She pushed hard her hands against  The thick wall of pitch black dark Her hands probed but felt nothing Nothing but heavy air. Disappointed by [...]

Poetry: Shattered Mosaic

By Monica C. Voskamp   Broken, again Can’t stop this vase From shattering How many times How many times Can I shatter And rebuild?   Hope, don’t you dare  Lose your hold on me Be the super glue That pieces me together Every time I break Be the peace that fills Every crevice of Heartbreak. [...]