Poetry: Here

By Monica C. Voskamp What did I do so wrong To get here? How could have I missed All those bleeping signs? How did I, how did I End up here? Broken shattered mess. They call me hopeless But still I protest Is it delusion or is it hope I don’t really want to know [...]

Poetry: Laws of Gravity

By Monica C. Voskamp   Let down one too many times The hurt finds me Plummeting Living the cruel steady truth, The law of gravity.   I can’t do this with you I can’t keep falling Off this beautiful cliff, Only to fall One more time.   Every time I leap I think you’ll catch [...]

Poetry: Soul Talk

By Monica C. Voskamp   Feel that there? That is your heart beat. Feel that pain awakening? That is your soul. Your soul saying, I hurt. I need. I want. I am, Lost. Your soul knows how to speak. Listen dear heart. Listen to your soul, Talk.   Always love. Always hope. Always believe. ❤ [...]