Poetry:..100 percent..

By Monica C. Voskamp


I believe in you.

I believe in you

Though not 100 percent



I believe in you

For what you can do

Right now.


I believe in you

You will find your joy

You will.


I believe in you

Even though this power,

Was not instilled in you.


It does not matter so much

The voices of the past.

They don’t stand a chance

Because your trumph card is this:

I’m finally starting to believe

In you.


That I finally can look at you

And smile when I do,

This gives me hope,

Hope I’m starting to believe.


Hope that I will do more

than just dream today.

Hope that one day I will

Believe the full 100 percent.


Today the door cracked opened.

I took the first step and decided:

I actually do believe.

I believe the most important part,

The very first 10 percent.


No matter it’s a little bit,

It is still belief.

I believe in beautiful humanity,

I believe in *you*.


Don’t lose heart at all.

Because as much as I believe

You can smile so beautiful,

(And I know you do this well)

Know you can also climb the charts to

100 percent.


Always believe. Always hope. Always love.  💕

Robotic living: the threat to growth

Robotic thinking may be a comfortable place, but it will always limit the amount I grow or succeed. It will limit the places I go, the people I talk to, the amount I think. Robotic living is not the way to thrive; it’s the way to survive.

By Monica C. Vosakmp

Why do we humans resort to following a system that has proven to fail?

Why? For me, I’d say this word: Comfort.

It’s comfortable to do the same thing. It means I don’t have to think outside the box. I don’t have to question my motives, the facts, the repercussions. Really, I don’t even need to think. I just do what I have always done.

It’s called robotic living.

Following the same system is comfortable because I already know the routines. I don’t have to train myself to think or try anything differently.  Yes, I may think I’m trying something different but ultimately, I’m not.

Diets are an easy illustration. There are loads of diets, but at the end of the day they are all still diets. Diets can work for some people, but for me diets never worked. Ironically, even though I experienced this, in the past I continued to try the same approach to weight loss: diets. I hung onto the delusional hope of a slim possibility: maybe THIS one will be different. The thing is if something repeatedly didn’t work for me in the past, it most likely never will.

Still I often resort to that..doing what is familiar with a new twist and new burst of ambition. This is a issue I’m fighting with: I don’t want robotic living, I want growth. And if I really want to grow, I will push through my excuses. I will leave the safe system of comfort and try something different.

It’s easier to pretend a new diet will work. There’s a sense of security to do what’s familiar. It’s easier to make excuses for what isn’t working then to pursue new ideas or ask others for help.

It’s comfortable to do the same type of relationships, same type of career opportunities even though there could be something much better. Just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s the BEST thing for you. Doing the familiar doesn’t equal different results.  If I choose to think so, I’m fooling myself.

So if there is a higher chance of success in trying something different, why do I  quickly write off a new approach? Security.  I want the security, the familiarity, the predictability. I don’t want the fear of unknown. Robotic living is comfortable and predictable.

If I want to lose this robotic thinking, I need to be open to the winds of change. I need to be willing to hear different thoughts and try different ideas. I need to be persistent especially if the first different approach doesn’t work. Greatly, I need to be open minded.

When I try something outside the norm, I gift myself the opportunity to learn, to fail, to see the world, myself and others differently. When I try something new, I open myself up to NEW experiences, people, growth, knowledge, successes and failures.

Robotic thinking may be a comfortable place, but it will always limit the amount I grow or succeed. It will limit the places I go, the people I talk to, the amount I think. Robotic living is not the way to thrive; it’s the way to survive.

As much as I hold onto comfort, I want growth more.  I don’t want to reach age 60 and see that I am still the same me and never stretched myself beyond the world I live in today. I want to get to 60 and say ‘ I’m glad I took on that new job.  I’m glad I asked a different person for advice financially. I’m glad I dated someone outside my normal circle.  I’m glad I asked for help.’

Courageous open-minded souls are the ones who will thrive and see their world revolutionize. These souls are innovative and will lead others to see and do life differently. These souls march, doing life, bold.

Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credits: Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash