Poetry: I’ll Help You

By Monica C. Voskamp

“Will you help me?”

Asked the old lady

On the corner street

Her voice eager with hope.

Her clothes were faded.

Her teeth were stained.

Her hair was unbrushed.

Her body was shivering.

“Will you help me?” asked the old lady

To the young man passing her by.

“I’m poor. I’m old. I’m tired,

And I need a place to sleep.”

The passerby paused as he

Glanced her over from head to toe.

He raised his eyes in judgement

And scoffed out loud in disgust,

“You are poor and old.

And sheesh, you smell bad.

Lady, you should have done

Much better for yourself.”

The old woman’s face

Crinkled into a sad smile

As she watched him disappear.

At least he had stopped to talk.

She shuffled down the road

And warm tears began to fall

She knew just what she needed

To give her only friend a call.

“Dear God, you know

I’m cold and aching.

And all these folk…

They just keep on walking.”

“I’m not saying I’m giving up,

But it sure would be nice

If someone would just stop

And help this struggling human out.”

The woman heard a sad sound

And turned to see a lost puppy.

She smiled and snuggled him close,

“Don’t you worry, I’ll help you. ”

And right then the old lady knew

The little puppy was heaven sent

She echoed again, once more for herself,

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Day #1 Love Series: What can you Count on?

By Monica C. Voskamp

What is one thing you can count on in your life? Think about it.

Perhaps..Your job always being there. Your man never cheating on you. Your children never disowning you. Your health the same goodness tomorrow as it is today.

Whats your first thought of something you can count on? Your savings account…your house…your church…your friends…your peaceful country..?

What’s the one thing, you can count on?

At the end of the day…none of those things, really. We can’t guarantee them 100%.

We hope. We pray. We figure. We expect. We bank on certain things, people staying constant in our life. But there is that chance, it could change, just like that. And then, we are robbed of what we held so close, what or who we thought would always be.

Something in one’s world crumbles when we are robbed.

It’s a quiet reality we’d rather keep tucked way back in the furthest places of our memory department…that the things and people we count on can be taken away.

So then is there anything, anyone we can count on?

Photo by Jason Thomas on Unsplash

Let’s look at this cuppa java for a minute.

I adore lattes. Lol. I really do. Bring me one …specifically a Starbuck’s hazelnut latte..and with my name & handwritten message, I’ll probably adore you for the day too.  😉  But no, unfortunately I can’t bank on coffee either. (Boo!) But the heart in this cup represents something that will continue to beat today, and into eternity.


But, is this really true?  If everything else can be destroyed, taken away…is this the one thing in this whole wide world of people and things that I can count on remaining? Can, will love be taken away too…

I read these phrases this morning:

love never fails.

love remains.

love is the greatest.

I believe it is. I *want* to believe it is…and when I look at the evidence in my life, I see it is.

At the end of my life, I want to find myself not lost in the dirt and decaying but in a realm of perfect love. And throughout my time on earth, no matter the people, the things that may change drastically, I want…NEED…a constant grounding. I need, want love to always be.

When I read the definition of love as outlined in the book of 1 Corinthians 13…it’s beautiful, and I believe, divine.


No human can perfectly attain, though we (well, most of us) strive for love. We want it to shine through our lives. And ultimately, we crave love.

To anchor in this sphere and believe it will always be and trump any evil..this is a truth I can, will hold to. This love sphere is something I want my heart wrapped around.

As a child, I’ve clung on to love like crazy in times I was afraid and in the dark. Physically and emotionally.  I believed love was there with me.  And throughout every single heart ache and life shattering event, I’ve held onto this lifeline called love.

It’s something both tangible and mystic.

I look through the years of my existence, and see love’s footprints marked all down my journey.

In this series, I’m going to explore the definition of love….who or what it is, and how I’ve seen it in my life. The starter question is: WHAT or WHO can you count on in your life and say with certainty it will always be?

Do you believe in love?

What do you think love is?

Asking ourselves questions (about anything) can lead to clarity, resolution and grounding in life. So ask. Find what your heart and life is anchored into.

#myquest, #lovejourney, #whatonethingremains

Always believe. Always hope. Always, love remains. ❤