Poetry: Never Let Me Go

By Monica C. Voskamp   Hold me in your heart Never let me go Remember me in the haze Remember me every sunrise Hold me in your heart, my love Never let me go.   I know there will be days When love feels so far away Don’t let that be your compass Don’t let [...]

Poetry: Sheltering

By Monica C. Voskamp   Let me enter your shelter. Let me bathe your arms With my salty streams. Let me feel the warmth Of your pillar’s strong. Let them be what soaks Up the tears of my heart.   Let me be, Just let me be In your sheltering.   When I can’t breathe [...]

Poetry: Rare Soul

By Monica C. Voskamp   Not a business deal Not a credit card transaction Pause wait a moment Wait, this is real.   Real soul, Real beauty, Real time, Nothing worth fair Negotiating. Everything worth More patient waiting.   Not a checklist Not a blind decision Pause wait a moment She is real.   Real [...]