Poetry: Being With You

By Monica C. Voskamp   You run your hands through my hair And press a kiss upon my furrowed brow You have faith to say, “It's going to be okay, darling The future is not any of your yesterdays.”   You have the courage to hold me close Even as hot tears wet through your [...]

Poetry: Never that Far Away

By Monica C. Voskamp Once captured your heart Not too long ago Time stood still for awhile As you watched me March on with life. Not one to deter Not one to give up But one to believe Miracles are the thing That come into reach For those who dare chase Greater dreams. You waited [...]

Poetry: the Beautiful

By Monica C. Voskamp   You didn’t know That road of tears you walked. You didn’t know That weight of grief you held. You didn’t know that all would lead You straight here to me. You didn’t know the beautiful That we both finally see.   You didn’t know How many nights I prayed. You [...]