Poetry: Infinite Love

By Monica C. Voskamp


She seeks after more

More beauty,  more attention, more fame

Anything for people to look her way.


She strives chasing the wind

For something that can never

Be bought, gained or achieved.


She seeks after more

More than possible for her to give

More than possible for her to attain.


What is this foolishness

Girl yet not woman

Striving for more?


What is this atrocity

Woman of a wife

Trying to earn love?


Women of this planet

Beautiful souls tormented

All yearning for love.


dear feminine souls, listen close

Stop all the mindless chatter

Listen to truth untold.


Precious one of a kind you,

You matter.

Not for what you do,

Not for what you become,

Not for what you lack.


You simply matter

Because you are loved

The woman of you.


You are loved with

Such wild authenticity

Beyond what you can imagine

Beyond what you can believe.


This gentle power of love

Has already walked the chambers

Of your anguished soul.

Has already felt the depth

Of your pain.


Love already understands

All you wish to be

But all you are not.


Love doesn’t demand

Doesn’t ask one iota of you.

Rather she gives,  embraces

The entirety of you.


Women of this world,

Please listen close

You need to hear.


You are loved,

There is nothing more

Nothing more to the equation.


You are loved beyond

Every shadow of any doubt.

Embrace this truth.


Come enter warmth,

Release your weary body

Into the sphere of free,

No price tags, no demands

Only peaceful belonging.


Wild uncontainable beauty,

Fire that ignites your soul,

This is what you’re longing for,

Infinite love.


Where you belong

Where you are called

Is beyond human knowledge

Is beyond the fathomable.


Dear feminine beauties, you,

Relentless, unconditional love

Inks every letter of your name.


Nothing for you to do,

Nothing to stand and protest

Nothing changes the verdict.


Infinite love writes only truth:

You. Are. Loved.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

Poetry: Crystals of Beauty

By Monica C. Voskamp


Love is not selfish

Love is not selfish darling

Love is a gift

A Gift that gives.


Love is not selfish

Imprisoned pain is selfish

It wants to protect you

So badly So desperately

That it’s death grip hold

Clenches loves life out.


I’m not saying

It doesn’t hurt

I’m not saying

It isn’t fair

But I’m telling you

I’m reminding you

Love is greater than pain.


Hold onto what will

Move you forward

Not onto that which

Holds you stuck

Hold onto love my darling.



Love is not selfish

You should know that by now.

Love is not selfish

Darling it wants your best!


Let go a little hurt today

And give a little love.

The more you give

The more you live

Because love is

The catalyst not pain.


Pain is your friend to guide you

But can also be the enemy

To blind you

Let pain show you this

Love is not selfish

Bitter pain is.


Take your pain

Get creative

Take your pain

And write a new anthem

Don’t repeat history

Do something new!


Rewrite the lines of beauty

Not the fame, skin or wealth

Rewrite beauty true as she is

Love is not selfish.


Loves lives and gives

Love is the author to transform

All those blood drops of pain

Into crystal diamonds of love.


Love is not selfish darling.

Release your pain

Wear your diamonds

Crystals of beauty,



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@entradaphotography

Poetry: Air of Love

By Monica C. Voskamp


Just a moment of beauty

I can’t hold my breathe much longer

I need just a moment of beauty

To keep me going down here.


Overwhelmed by this world

By poisonous lies

By wildfire evil

I gasp hard.


The fortress of hell is no longer hiding

It’s blazing stench is covering the earth

My soul can’t breathe in this horror

I need oxygen.


I gasp for hope,

For something cleansing, something pure

I’m just frantic to inhale,

Something, anything beautiful.


I steady myself to find a trace of life giving air

I search deep down in dark murky streets

And finally, finally

I find.


I find people.

People rising from ashes

People burned yet they rise

People hated yet they love

People wounded yet they heal.


What strange irony to find

In a planet twisted with so much chaos

Still there lives, still there breathes

People of courage.


Bearing warrior sized wounds

They rise

They heal

They give

They live.


They, the beautiful

They, the ones who emit

The air we need,

-I breathe in deep-

Air of Love.



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

Photo Credit: Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash




Poetry: Undoing Me

By Monica C. Voskamp


Why did I believe your lies?

Why was I tempted by your charm?

Why was I misguided by

What I thought was my lifeline?


I don’t know.

Or maybe I do.

I don’t see the worth of me

So I chose to see

The vision in your eyes

The words you painted

For my ears and heart

That made me feel

Like I was the only one

In the world,

Like I was so incredible.


I saw my worth only through you.

That was the problem.

I didn’t see I had worth as me.

So I looked to you.


The funny thing is,

Well really quite sad,

You don’t really see the

True worth in me.

You don’t really see me

How incredible,

How precious,

How absolutely priceless

I am.

You see me with eyes of



You see what you need.

You see what you want.

You see from your heart.

You see all you can get

From all of me.


Simply by charming,

Simply by showing,

The misguided way

The perfect path

Meant for undoing,

You would ruin me.


You were a path I thought

Would lead to life.

Thank God I was stopped,

And realized it was a mirage.

The reality would’ve been painful pleasures

Living in your sweet misery.


I would be poisoned by your charm

And forever tied into your life.

I would lose more of me,

By giving into more of you.

You would be the drug

I could never be without,

You would be the drug,

That would absolutely ruin me.


I couldn’t do that.

I stopped and counted the cost.

As much as I longed

For all your pretty words to be true.

I know I can’t see my value

Through the eyes of you.

You wouldn’t take good care

Of this precious cargo.

No, you don’t realize my worth.

For if you did,

You would’ve told me differently:

Go ahead dear one,

Look in the mirror.

See you are enough

You are enough already as you.

You don’t need my guiding force.

You don’t need my domineering,

To complete you.

You already are a masterpiece,

You already are beautiful

You are precious as you.


But you didn’t tell me that.

You didn’t tell me my true worth.

You told me without you,

I would never be enough.

You told me only with you,

Would I always be enough.


Life with you dominant,

Wouldn’t be free.

Liberty isn’t found

In a world of controlling.

It may be a way of

Finding strange relief

It may be a way of

Finding bitter security

It may be a way of gaining

Pitiful pleasure,

But it isn’t the way

Of finding life giving value



I couldn’t listen to you.

I couldn’t.

Because in the end,

I just knew.

I knew you would be the poison

That would drain my liberty.

You would be the one

To fully, wholeheartedly

Undo all of who I am.


I want to be whole.

I want to be free.

I want to live truth.

And I want to be me.

These you didn’t offer.

These are things I realized

Is what I would be



I couldn’t give up my all,

I couldn’t give into lies

Governing me.

I just couldn’t.


I couldn’t because

You would undo everything

I’ve worked so hard to become,

You would undo all I already see

All beauty in me.

The woman I am now,

Would cease to be.


You would be the ultimate process

You would be the perfect guide

For undoing.


I thank God to say,

I don’t want this way.

I want to continue as me.

I want to build on as me.

I am worth so much more,

Than the slow tedious work

Of any, of all of your undoing me.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Cover Photo Credits: Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash

Poetry: the portal of love

{ for my mom }

By Monica C. Voskamp



You see me different.

I’m a little odd,

A little out of place,

Different, than the rest of the bunch.


I’m different, not wrong

You say.

You don’t hinder my growth

Because you see my unique beauty.

You see my own beauty.

You tell me I’m beautiful

And I believe you.

You tell me I’m loved

And I believe you.

Because I hear the way

You see me.

You see me through the portal

Of love.


You see me,

As me.

Not how I should be,

Not how I would be.

You see me as who I am right now,

You see me.


You don’t expect me

To be anything, anyone else.

You don’t judge.

No you smile, you welcome me.

You love.


Thank you mom,

For opening my heart,

To what is obscure to me.

God knows how much,

You’ve been trying from my day one.

What an angelic warrior,

You sure don’t give up.


You’re teaching me,

You’re showing me,

You’re opening the portal for me,

The portal of love.


*Photo credit: Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤