Poetry: Rare Soul

By Monica C. Voskamp


Not a business deal

Not a credit card transaction

Pause wait a moment

Wait, this is real.


Real soul,

Real beauty,

Real time,

Nothing worth fair


Everything worth

More patient waiting.


Not a checklist

Not a blind decision

Pause wait a moment

She is real.


Real soul

Real beauty

Nothing worth fair


Everything worth

More patient waiting.


Hold your breathe

Savour slow

Let her trust you know

Her priceless worth.


She, the rare soul

A lifetime dance

Hasn’t been told

Hasn’t been showed

Such luxury yet.


So tread wisely,

And see her with eyes

Never seen before.

Touch her with grace

Never given before.

Love her with truth

Never spoken before.


She, the rare soul

Waiting for the beautiful

Waiting for the truthful

Waiting for the honourable.


She, the rare soul

Looking to live

Looking to give

Looking to love

With no regrets.


The broken yet beautiful

Souls waiting to merge

Souls craving to be

United together,

Forever vow.


Not a fling

Not a one nighter

Not a item to be used

Not a trophy wife

Nothing so trite.


She holds

Her value

Clutches close

Keeps coming back to it

When torn apart.


Don’t take lightly

Believe only in full

The depth inside

Rare soul’s treasure

Lifetime love.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Poetry: Nothing More

By Monica C. Voskamp


Weary bones

I promise you

I will carry you



Aching heart

I promise you

I won’t let you break

Once more.


Tattered soul

I promise you

I will give you



I’m trying dear bones,

Dear heart and soul.

I’m trying

Yet this world keeps

Pushing me back.

Pushing me down.



As much as I promise,

I  also admit

I’m not a hero.

I can’t save

The day.

I can’t defy



I can’t make

Angels fly.

I can’t do

Everything I wish

I could.


Know I’m trying.

Yet know a little more,

Know my limits,

I am human,

I can only

Push so far.


So forgive me,

Because right now

I’m collapsing on

This earthen floor.

I’m breaking pieces

Of mortal shell

Because I am human

Nothing more.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Cover Photo Credit: Photo by Matheus Frade on Unsplash

Poetry: Shattered Soul

By Monica C. Voskamp

Shattered soul

Broken discarded and overused.

You are shattered

Yet still you breathe.


In your jagged broken pieces

You gulp in short bursts of

Twisted Oxygen

By allowing your soul

To shatter a little more.


A little more pleasure

A little more hurt

A little more abuse

A little more of anything

To numb all the ache

Of every jagged edge

Of every painful memory

Of every single day

You regret.


Shattered soul

You think you’re beyond repair.

Maybe it’s true

But maybe it’s not.

And that 50/50 chance

Is what you’ve got

Working for you.


Don’t worry how you look in the mirror.

Don’t worry what the past says is true.

Let your broken pieces be seen

For the agony they reflect

For the wound they portray.

Bare naked your broken

And give love a chance

To meet you there

Shattered Soul.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit:

Poetry: Abuse

By Monica C. Voskamp


You slam me down

With your looks.

You tell me I’m nothing

By belittling my smarts.

You keep me at a distance

Never let me  know

What actually is



You use me

Like I’m some pitiful object.

You couldn’t care less

If I am hurting.

You say you love me

Through pain.


Abuse. Again and again.








How I loathe you,

How I hate the years

You stole from me.

I’m filled with such pain

I constantly turn away.

It’s too great,



Abuse, you cut me down.

And justify with your gender

With your religion

With your pretty lies.

You knock me down

Till all I see in me

Is dirt.


Abuse, you think you have won

Many days I feel you have.

Everywhere I turn it seems,

You find me again.

It’s my greatest pain

That haunts me



Abuse, I will confront you.

I am. I am.

And in doing so it hurts like hell,

It hurts wounds exposed.

It hurts seeing my pain

So much so I will do anything

To numb the feeling,

To numb the wounding,

And surrender to the lie

I only deserve



But no. You will  not win.

I will never give up till my last breathe.

I will fight this poison,

This evil war on humanity.

I will fight as I tell my heart,

Damn those people, their evil.


Darling, don’t you listen to their lies.

You believe something different called truth.

You believe something beautiful called love.

You believe dear soul, you are enough.

And you don’t deserve,

Don’t ever, ever deserve



Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credits:  Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Poetry: Mute.

By Monica C. Voskamp


My soul is on mute.

I can’t laugh. I can’t cry.

I’m just on mute.

I feel like a stone,

Cold and empty hearted

So mute.


I don’t even know

If I want someone

To crank up my stereo

Because right now maybe

I need to be mute.


No words

For a heart that has been crushed.

No words

For a soul that has been bruised.


No words. No words.

Because words can’t explain,

Words can’t justify.

Words can’t possibly describe

What it feels like being



Feelings numb.

Maybe it’s protective mode

Maybe it’s not.

Maybe I’m shutting down

And too far gone.


I cannot speak yet

I can’t and I won’t.

Words can’t form in me.

It’s like an empty space,

With no letters

No rhythm

No emotion

No will,  just numb.


Quiet, on hold.

Wait a moment

Or don’t.

Either way I’m here

Stuck on mute.


Always believe. Always hope. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@inagarbe