Poetry: Unicorn Dreams

By Monica C. Voskamp   She was a beauty. I tilted her chin up. Last week’s scars had healed. The body was such a magical thing.   She dusted off her hands As she got up from her fall x 102. She was a determined spirit And had her eyes set on Biking the family [...]

Poetry: Unprecedented Times

By Monica C. Voskamp   Can you give me a bed an ocean size? I need a place to rest these tears. Can you stretch the arms of heaven wide? I need a power to hold me up.   It was light and then it was dark I saw a flicker of hope and then [...]

Poetry: Tell Him a Message

By Monica C. Voskamp Do you miss me the way I miss you It’s only been a few days But last week already feels Like too many years ago.   Do you think of me Before you sleep like I think of you? Do you imagine me in your arms Safe secure and feeling of [...]

Poetry: Almost

By Monica C. Voskamp It was like a sea of ocean blue The skies were that bright and vibrant She could almost taste the freshness Of a warm spring day Almost.   She smiled as she kept her head Tilted up towards the tapestry Of deep blues and puffy white clouds Her eyes soaked in [...]

Poetry: the Beautiful

By Monica C. Voskamp   You didn’t know That road of tears you walked. You didn’t know That weight of grief you held. You didn’t know that all would lead You straight here to me. You didn’t know the beautiful That we both finally see.   You didn’t know How many nights I prayed. You [...]