Short Story: Her New Sunrise

By Monica C. Voskamp The sun was rising up slow. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the kitchen. Lana stood at the living room watching the first rays of colour create a canvas of beauty in her backyard. Lana breathed in the serenity of the moment and exhaled slow.  “It’s going to be a [...]

The Story of Wind & Flame.

By Monica C. Voskamp “Do not lie Do not betray me,” Said the fire to the wind As he merged forces with her. “I will never. I will always move With thee, I will never blow Thee out.” Promised beautiful Wind. Fire glowed. His warmth blazed around her A strong steady brilliant flame. Wind succumbed [...]

The Wait.

  (A Short Story) By Monica C. Voskamp Alone. Alone she ran down the path, away from the ceremony. She left behind the music , the crowd, the cake, the gifts..she left as a running bride, running from the man still standing there. The man she loved, Ryan, who had just said vows to her. [...]