Rape Poem: He took what was Mine.

By Monica C. Voskamp It's okay to get angry.  That's an emotion. I've never been an angry person. I never really knew the emotion till only a few years ago. (And I'm 34!) I got angry. At everything. It took a great injustice for me to unleash. Most days, my brother would have a smirk [...]

The Scale of Significance.

By Monica C. Voskamp Significance. It has a scale.  I made a simple sketch of it. Where do you see yourself on this scale? ^^^ Trash? Royalty? Somewhere in between? It matters. Where you see yourself on this scale is going to penetrate every area of your life. It's going affect how you interact in [...]

Free Bird

Relationships effect your health, holistically.  Our spirits are either crushed or nurtured. We either thrive or just get by.  I haven't been able to describe in a few words what it's like to be in a toxic relationship and then get out.  Free Bird is a flicker of the past and a realization of the [...]

Love & Hand Grenades

By Monica C. Voskamp What do you when things are beyond your control? (Like seriously beyond your control.) You've been living life and suddenly a situation comes in and just throws a tailspin. A tailspin on your heart and life... I had that recently. Metaphorically, I'd say a few hand grenades were thrown in my [...]