The Beast called Pain

By Monica C. Voskamp blurs out so much of life. Pain, this enemy of mine, is a beast, an awful experience in time. It is defined medically by many things, But mostly, it is known as Pain.   Pain. 4 little letters do not define what I deal with today.   Pain stops [...]


Breast Cancer: Imagine the battle.

By Monica C. Voskamp I can't imagine. Hearing the diagnosis, my brain halting in time while the doctor continues to speak and then fumbling through a daze of shock while appointments, tests, surgery were being scheduled. I can try imagine, but I can't understand. I can't because I haven't been there. I'm just here wondering, [...]

The Diet Box

By Monica C. Voskamp  I used to rent a space in a box. The box was called Diet. I'd crawl in and out of that box like it held the power of Aladdin's magic lamp. I  hoped for a phenomenal result every time. Sometimes I'd get something I dub a half decent result. The catch [...]


by Monica Voskamp This morning I was scrolling through a health website. I was struck by something: many numbers. Numbers counting the pounds lost and numbers measuring carbs. 25 carbs were questioned.* 90 pounds lost and celebrated. 30 pounds lost. 3 pounds lost. People counting and counting these numbers in their goal to lose weight and [...]