Healthy Living: 5 easy ways to reduce stress

By Monica C. Voskamp Hi there. 🙂 It's been some stressful few weeks for me with the end of school term and also just life! I wanted to share quick & easy ways I've found a breath of relief in the midst of stress. If they can be a help to even one person,  that [...]

The Oxymoron of Humanity

By Monica C. Voskamp Every one has a story.  Every one has a struggle.  Every one has a triumph. It's easy to isolate ourselves thinking we are unique to our struggles. Yes, you ARE the only one traveling the intricate path you do, but in the same breath, we still share universal concepts of grief, [...]

Robotic living: the threat to growth

Robotic thinking may be a comfortable place, but it will always limit the amount I grow or succeed. It will limit the places I go, the people I talk to, the amount I think. Robotic living is not the way to thrive; it's the way to survive.

The other world-wide currency: fear.

By Monica C. Voskamp Money passes through many hands, buildings and countries. It's our currency to get things we need and want, to make dreams tangible, to go places. Money is our world-wide currency. There is another heated currency that travels just as easily. It passes from person to person, home to home, and country [...]

Fill your Bucket.

By Monica C. Voskamp A one time drop in a bucket is something, but it's small and of little impact. Continual drops in a bucket can both quench your thirst and be shared with many others. Greater things are now able to happen. Don't stop at one drop in your bucket. Keep dreaming. Keep working. [...]

the Stress Bomb: Avoidance

By Monica C. Voskamp What's stopping you today? What 'road block'  is standing in your way? Fear? Dread? Guilt? Inadequacy?  Worry? Those are feelings. While not actual physical road blocks, feelings can become invisible roadblocks to real life matters.  How the heck do you get around these things?? I tend to be an emotional creature [...]