Are you ready to care about your body and to love YOURSELF for the rest of your life?

Hey, I’m Monica! 🙂 I’m a healthy living, inspirational writer.

I’m on a mission to let love, life, and healthy wholeness collide into you and your world!

Not only do I want to help you in your physical journey to become healthier, but to transform how you think  and see yourself.

In 2013, I was 248 pounds! I hated myself, outwardly and inwardly. That’ s the day I stepped up to the plate; I knew I had to take responsibility for my health. Honestly, I completely was terrified to do this for the long haul, but I made my decision and committed to healthy for LIFE. I’m here to share my journey with you, how I lost 100 pounds, over 29 years of self hate and how I gained priceless gifts: love for myself, a healthier mindset, and a healthier body!

When I see others giving value and attention to other people but not themselves it crushes my heart. That was me.  I didn’t believe I was worth loving. I so want people to know that every part of their life is worth taking care of. You, you are valuable. If you doubt this, please know I am here to help you believe in yourself, love you and your body. These blogs are for you. I’m writing for you. ~

I believe in the transforming effects of holistic love and healthy care. I believe you can gift yourself for infinity.