Poetry: Tell Him a Message

By Monica C. Voskamp

Do you miss me the way I miss you

It’s only been a few days

But last week already feels

Like too many years ago.

Do you think of me

Before you sleep like I think of you?

Do you imagine me in your arms

Safe secure and feeling of home?

I miss you babe more than you can know.

And in my mind I’m holding you

And savouring the feeling

Of being in your arms again.

Do you miss me love

Like how I’m missing you?

I pray it’s not too much

For your heart to take.

And I know you’d think

This is a bit odd & strange

But every night I tell God

To keep you extra safe.

So once again here I am tonight

Fumbling awkward words to pray,

“Dear God, this is me …

You know who I am…

I just need  higher powers that be

To really look out for the ones I love

And also for all those struggling…

Give them new breathe, quite  literally.

We need your peace and healing help,

Deep hope and kindness especially now.

And I know this is seemingly small

But since I can’t tell him in person myself

Would you please tell my love a message?

Tell him I miss him so very very much.

Amen and Amen.”

Always believe. Always hope. Always love. 💕
*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@benwhitephotography

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