Poetry: Air of Love

By Monica C. Voskamp


Just a moment of beauty

I can’t hold my breathe much longer

I need just a moment of beauty

To keep me going down here.


Overwhelmed by this world

By poisonous lies

By wildfire evil

I gasp hard.


The fortress of hell is no longer hiding

It’s blazing stench is covering the earth

My soul can’t breathe in this horror

I need oxygen.


I gasp for hope,

For something cleansing, something pure

I’m just frantic to inhale,

Something, anything beautiful.


I steady myself to find a trace of life giving air

I search deep down in dark murky streets

And finally, finally

I find.


I find people.

People rising from ashes

People burned yet they rise

People hated yet they love

People wounded yet they heal.


What strange irony to find

In a planet twisted with so much chaos

Still there lives, still there breathes

People of courage.


Bearing warrior sized wounds

They rise

They heal

They give

They live.


They, the beautiful

They, the ones who emit

The air we need,

-I breathe in deep-

Air of Love.



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

Photo Credit: Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash




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