Poetry: Heart break Games

By Monica C. Voskamp


So tired of love

Always being a game

So tired of love

Never being enough.


Just tired of love

Not being what

It said it was.


My heart doesn’t want any more

Of these fickle heartbreak games.


So why is this

What draws me in

Is this all I understand

Love to be?


It leaves me spinning

Reeling one after another

These heart break games.


Does Disney lie?

Are all these love songs

Just a cover up?


Is the truth

Everyone is playing

The same guessing game?


Is the truth

There is no beauty

Love is just messed up.


Slammed down one too many times

Has left me here

In hurtful confusion, questioning.


I’m put off,

Searching for more

Yet always finding

The same.


A fling

A misguided hope

A wounded heart.


Is every love story

A social media picture

Living contrary to what it seems?


Is the truth rather this

Love is just plain messy

Not a one size fits all?


Maybe it’s both,

Fairytale and reality.

Love please don’t equate

To highschool guessing games.


Maybe it’s me

Maybe there’s more

Than what I’ve believed.


But where do you find this

When your heart is worn thin?

Where do you find new hope

Where do you even begin?


Maybe one day

A faraway someday

My eyes will see

Something different.


Maybe hoping in

A long shot wishing

My heart will experience

Something lasting.


Take the right risk

Try one more time.

Believe there is more

Than heartbreak lines.


Maybe I’ll still find,

In pieces that unite

 A “you & I” possibility.


No more heartbreaks

Just a mesh of turbulent beauty

Doing life together.


Promising forever

And sure to mess up,

But at last is severed

Games of the heart.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Poetry: Heart break Games

  1. Thank you!
    Very difficult topic.
    The word itself is far away from acting out. It takes unconditional commitment, trust, integrity, self confidence otherwise one mistake lead to Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger..

    Not everyone say Lord, Lord will enter kingdom of heaven!


    1. No one is going to get it right, we humans all mess up. That said , we are all capable of being more than who we are right now. It just takes continuous effort and intention to change an area of weakness , good supports, time and dedication to rise above the things that hold us back or trip us up. And true, the outside picture doesn’t mean a ticket to heaven or hell for that matter! We just can life to our best and keep love the benchmark we launch from! 🙂


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