Poetry: Better Together

By Monica C. Voskamp


I press my hands

Against yours

Melt into the feel.


I loved the way we fit

Pressed hand in hand,

I thought,



I don’t want to never

Not feel your touch

But suddenly now,

It’s happening.


We let our hands

Slip away



I feel the emptiness of you

Missing in my life.

I feel it so strong

So I know you do too.


Two hearts don’t collide

Like this that often

In one lifetime.


Two hearts don’t often

Mesh likes ours

In the history of time.


Yet we let it go.

We let it go,

Hoping that somehow

Something more beautiful

Will unfold.


I don’t think

I’ll ever understand

The story of our hands,

Yours and mine.

Such a complex intrigue:

You plus me.


But I will remember

The places we’ve been, Together

The places we’ve  grown, Stronger

The places we’ve seen become, Better

Better, simply because we were



Remember these places with me,

And don’t be too wistful

For all the places we never reached.

I still love your hands, Always.

That’s a given.

They are imprinted

Deep within me.


Deep symbolic strength

Kindness, gentleness

Sacrificing for me.

These, your fingerprints,

Written on my soul.


We entered new portals

When we met each other

Found forcefields of light

In pitch black dark.


Remember these moments

Don’t forget too quickly

You and me,

We were

One epic team.


Yes, I can’t stand

Not feeling you now

But at least I got to cherish

For a time, a brief time.


I will remember

The warmth

The soul comfort

Of your hands,

My hands

United together.


Together, I can’t say that word enough

Together is how I can best describe

The way.


The way they found each other

Loved and laughed

Cried and mourned.

Nurtured and healed

Found and lost

Second time over.


I will remember our hands

The way they were

When we let them be



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit:https://unsplash.com/@herrzett



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