Poetry: Soil of Ruins

By Monica C. Voskamp

Let me soak this quiet in
Just for a moment
Let me close my eyes
And live where time is not.

Escape to another world
That holds no stress
No turmoil, no pain
This my destination.

It’s calm here
Perfect vision
Pure ecstasy.

This hidden fantasy
Calls me every day
Place of freedom
Place of no time.

It may be a moment of delusion, true,
But it’s worth the trip
To catch my breathe
And just be not human.

A non sensored heartbeat
A millisecond retreat
Before I acknowledge
My real location
My real identity.

This chaotic planet
This revolving muddied mass
Us blind stumbling humans
All navigating mortal fog.

Confused DNA
Passed on generation to generation
Broken race we are,

Who we are
Where we are
How we are
Just functioning 24/7.

A paradoxical concept,
Always living,
Always dying.

This is my why
To be light years away
If only for a heartbeat
I am not here.

I am not here
I am taking a mind trip
A deserter, a protestor
A lost soul on the run.

Never succeeding
Never eluding
Always trying to leave
This soil of ruins,


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@grakozy

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