Poetry: Cup of Loss

By Monica C. Voskamp


Your cup once full

Brimming beautiful

Laughter dancing

Light and free

Like foamed cream

On coffee.


But suddenly full,

It was not.


Echoing silence

In the hollow space

Once held memories

Now gone,

Just like that.


Cup once full,

Eerily still

New liquid pours in.


Misery, pain, shock

A jolting brew

Very unlike the cup

Once loved & knew.


It’s different now.

The old will never be.

Loss has a way of leaving

A distinct bitter taste.


Sorrow, numbing pain

In every sip

This is the emptied cup.



Where is it?

Where is it when the beauty of your cup

Is suddenly gone?

How do you find the strength

To lift your mug

With no lingering scent

To breathe on in?


Memories haunt

Never poured again

Your soul warmth



This is loss.

It’s nothing beautiful.

It’s only a tragic blow.



But please,

Hold your cup.

Don’t let it go

Love remains to give

A miracle.


Love knows your pain.

Your emptied cup.

Love pours empty souls

A new full,

Sip by sip miracles.



Something different,

Something new,

A crimson beauty

To fill lonely space.


Cup of loss not forgotten,

Yet empty is yearning to hold

New found comfort, warmth and love

A whole mug



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Brian Suman on Unsplash

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