Poetry: Crystal Clear

By Monica C. Voskamp

You love me

And I love you.

I didn’t have to earn your approval.

You just do

Approve of me,

Quite obviously.


You approve without me asking

You look my way and I know

You are smitten.

And there’s no where you’d rather be

Then right here with me.


That is love.

Love wants to be

Right where I am.

I didn’t force you

Beg you, manipulate you

I just was me,

And you stepped in

And are here loving  me

As I am, for who I am.


I look at you

And I’m glad you are here with me.

I’m glad you are here

Not because I want you to be

But because you chose to be

Here with me.

I smile now because I know,

With you,

 I don’t have to convince myself.

It’s crystal clear:

You love me.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@clemono2

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