Poetry: The Divine Craving

By Monica C. Voskamp

He’s not going to be perfect.

You’re not going to be perfect.

You will be together flawed.


I won’t have all the right curves

-or lack of them.

We won’t fit together

Like divinity.


It’s not that perfect on earth

And I guess it’s not right

To suppose it to be.


She won’t always be there

To support you, to nurture you

To satisfy all your desires.

She can’t possible meet

The unquechable thirst of a man.


She won’t be the perfect desire.

The perfect 10.

And that’s okay.


You need to know that.

Because you are she.

And you will never be enough

For He.


Man’s thirst for the perfect woman is legit.

They are craving what was meant to be,

But got messed up

In the Beginning.


A woman’s desire for a man

To stand up always for truth and integrity,

To be a mirror of both of these

Can’t possibly be.

Because he isn’t perfect

But he was meant to be.


And that’s why they both

—we both crave-

Something beyond



We crave the Divine.

We crave what is still wired inside.

We crave an intimacy beyond

Anything in this world can



Sex is the closest thing

That draws two souls into

The Immortal Being.

Sex is the best reflection

Of seeing the divine.


It’s that beautiful moment

When 2 are one,

And the serenity of giving

Each other over is released.


For a moment there is a taste

Of the divine

Of what is pure intimacy

But only for a moment

And then it’s gone.


We crave that.

You and me.

Men and Women

We crave Divine



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

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