Poetry: Abuse

By Monica C. Voskamp


You slam me down

With your looks.

You tell me I’m nothing

By belittling my smarts.

You keep me at a distance

Never let me  know

What actually is



You use me

Like I’m some pitiful object.

You couldn’t care less

If I am hurting.

You say you love me

Through pain.


Abuse. Again and again.








How I loathe you,

How I hate the years

You stole from me.

I’m filled with such pain

I constantly turn away.

It’s too great,



Abuse, you cut me down.

And justify with your gender

With your religion

With your pretty lies.

You knock me down

Till all I see in me

Is dirt.


Abuse, you think you have won

Many days I feel you have.

Everywhere I turn it seems,

You find me again.

It’s my greatest pain

That haunts me



Abuse, I will confront you.

I am. I am.

And in doing so it hurts like hell,

It hurts wounds exposed.

It hurts seeing my pain

So much so I will do anything

To numb the feeling,

To numb the wounding,

And surrender to the lie

I only deserve



But no. You will  not win.

I will never give up till my last breathe.

I will fight this poison,

This evil war on humanity.

I will fight as I tell my heart,

Damn those people, their evil.


Darling, don’t you listen to their lies.

You believe something different called truth.

You believe something beautiful called love.

You believe dear soul, you are enough.

And you don’t deserve,

Don’t ever, ever deserve



Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credits:  Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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