Poetry: ..Unexpected Retreat..

By Monica C. Voskamp


You gave me a place to retreat.

You took my broken heart,

Accepted my fragile spirit

And gave me a place to just be.


It was out of the blue,

Completely unexpected.

It was both worst and perfect timing,

Somehow destiny knew I needed

An encounter with you.


You didn’t demand of me

Instead you reminded me

To have regard for myself.


You placed an invisible crown of dignity

Upon my head and invited me

To see what I truly deserve,

To believe I am of worth.


You welcomed me into the quiet

And channeled the static buzz in my head

Into a mind of zen.


You took my  haphazard living

And offered a retreat for me

A beautiful paradise

A chance to finally,

Finally stop & catch my breath.


They say ‘people come into our lives

For a season, reason or a lesson.’

This rings true with you.

In fact, you’ve scored all three.

And I can’t help but be grateful

For each,  for you.


You’ve been the perfect summer retreat

An unexpected happening.

And though it’s bittersweet to see you go,

You’ve impacted me more

Than you will ever know.


Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤️ 

*Cover Photo Credit: Simon Matzinger

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