Poetry: Little Girl, Little Boy

By Monica C. Voskamp


Little girl so terrified to make a sound,

Little girl doing her best to hide.

Little boy frightened deep inside,

Little boy confused by love denied.


Little girl, little boy

They learned to survive.

But little girl, little boy never

Learned to thrive.


Little girl, heart wrapped up in fear.

Little boy, hand held with rejection.

Little girl, little boy

Too young to know.

Little girl, little boy

Too innocent to understand,

All they craved for

Was a chance they weren’t given.

All they hoped for

Was drowned in lies.


Little girl, little boy

I’m so sorry you knew this pain

Instead of comfort.

I’m so very sad your home

Was built on lies.

I’m trying to expose for you,

The truth never told.


Little girl, little boy

I see you hiding still.

I see the wound of abandonment

Locked in your eyes

And written on your souls.


Little girl, still held in fear.

Little boy, still paralyzed in hate.

Little girl, little boy this is not who you are

This is not what is meant for you.


Little girl, little boy

You deserve much more.

You deserve the sky full of stars.

You were made to touch those stars.

You need to know your worth

Is much more than

Little Nothings.


I wish you hope.

I wish you peace.

I wish you love.

I wish divine healing.


Little girl, little boy,

Break free from that world.

Love is real and alive.

Break free and breathe in

True life.


Always love. Always believe. Always hope. ❤

*Cover Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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