Poetry: Lies Exposed

By Monica C. Voskamp


You promised me good

You promised me amazing things

If I would obey

If I would stay in the lines.

But all the meanwhile,

You were telling me

White lies.


I was told this is truth,

Follow it with your whole heart.

Never abandon it,

You’ll be dammed to hell.

That alone scared me to

Eternally believe.


Yet all the while

I was being told

Corruptible evil lies.


Truth. What does it really mean

When it has been distorted

When it’s been twisted so badly

You can’t make sense of anything.

Something doesn’t add up.

This faulty religious equation

Is like 2 plus 2 equaling 7.

I’ve suddenly realized,

This ain’t the way to heaven.


The ultimate crime in religion’s eyes

Was played out in my life,

Spiritual fornication, adultery.

I’ve been cheated on.

Cheated from the truth,

And told fictitious



Religion has it’s good…

Scratch that, it doesn’t.

It’s a mere facade.

A mirage of hope

In a desert of despair.

It seems to be good,

But it is not.

It’s evil, it’s twisted.

It’s a curse that takes a miracle

To fully escape from.


This religion

Demands for perfection,

Acceptance based on conversion.

This is bullshit.

This isn’t truth.

Deity didn’t come to lie,

To condemn, to judge,

Deity came to give liberty,

With arms wide open

To everyone.


It sickens me, saddens me

How much I’ve believed

How much I’ve been injected with lethal lies.

Yet it relieves me a great deal,

To finally discover,

What I was taught is

Actually not the truth.



I couldn’t live up to that way of life.


Who is experiencing abundant life

In a belief based on lies?

It’s a constant shifting ground.

You’ll only sink further

And one day you’ll realize

You’re going to drown.


No wonder OCD

Persists to badger me.

I’m so scared I’ll never get it right,

There is no room for

Confidence or belief in myself

That I am capable.

I was told to never trust

Who I am,

Yet who I am,

Is actually a God-breathed



Religion cripples people.

Religion has crippled me.

The only good in it,

Is realizing  what I’ve been told

Is a mouthful of lies.

This is the good,

This is always the good

When lies are finally



Always hope. Always believe. Always love.


*Cover Photo Credits: Photo by 青 晨 on Unsplash









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