Little Girl and Woman Poem: The Woman of Me

By Monica C. Voskamp

Our inner child can call out to us, sometimes louder than it should.

The balance and beauty is allowing our child person still journey in our life but our adult self is the prevailing voice, behaviour, spirit and mind.

I think I naturally have a child’s heartbeat. 🙂 I love being with children and sharing their world of delight and discovery. I don’t think I will ever lose the joy of youth, exuberance, and seeing the world through a colourful view.

Little girl me 🙂

However, there is a little girl in me I’ve been processing and telling her she’s had her time. I’ve felt her hurts and listened to her voice. I’ll continue to help her through her childhood pain but I’ve come to see I can look at my childhood girl through a different grid. The past and the present.

The adult me, the woman of me, now gets to shine and sets a new tone.  It’s an never ending metamorphosis I’m sure, to become a dignified, classy and admirable woman.  I’m hot on her trail. 😀

I’m sure I lack grace in my pursuit & add a touch of flawed..but that’s me being human, and walking my journey ‘perfectly imperfect’ as my one good friend would say.

I wrote this short poem reflecting of the past couple years leaving girlhood to womanhood. Its been part of my emotional healing journey to see myself who I really am —a beautiful competent woman— and not a helpless frightened little girl.

The Woman of Me

By Monica C.Voskamp 

Grow up dear child,

There’s a whole new world

Waiting for you.

To explore, to see,

To brave confidently.


Grow up dear child,

Don’t be afraid.

The monsters of the past

Are history.

The shadows you feared

Are make belief.

Grow up dear girl,

Step into womanhood

And see yourself differently.


Grow up dear child,

For you have changed since years ago.

You no longer live in a little body,

You house the home of a curved,

Adult grown woman, beautiful.


It’s okay dear child,

To still linger here.

I’ll always know your voice

Your memories.

But it’s time to let go of the spotlight shine,

Of little girl 3, 8 and 9.


It’s time dear child,

For me to focus on present reality.

I’ve moved that little girl to the side,

In so many ways.

You know she’s had her day.


Though I still hear her voice

Saying: ‘Wait don’t go.

You should be afraid.’

But little girl,

This world is not that scary of a place.

Not when I realize,

Standing right here and now,

Is the brave competent adult,

The woman of me.

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