The Diet Box

By Monica C. Voskamp 

I used to rent a space in a box. The box was called Diet. I’d crawl in and out of that box like it held the power of Aladdin’s magic lamp. I  hoped for a phenomenal result every time. Sometimes I’d get something I dub a half decent result. The catch was it came with an expiry date. Other times, I didn’t even get that and the effort I put in didn’t make a lasting change. Still, this was my go to. A diet.

In my books, dieting is all backwards! Literally. Let me spell that out for you (TEID). If I could make some sort of acronym for the word diet, backwards, it would be this:





 Over my life, I was pouring energy into starting and stopping a diet in efforts to lose weight. However, I was going about it in the wrong direction.  Talk about discouraging. It was a detour box. I was going around something I actually needed to be going through. I was going around a messy road of my life actually vital to face! I needed to own up to the fact I had a problem, a problem with food. I also needed to DO something about it. Yes, I  knew was an emotional eater; however I didn’t want to take ownership of life-long action.  I had tried counseling and intervention programs. They didn’t work; I decided I had done my part of grueling work, and resorted to diets.

My silent inner reasoning was a life long change would take much MORE work. All the years of frustrating diets hadn’t worked. It seemed too great a mountain to face.

One day I stepped on the scale to see the number, 248 lbs. THAT scared me and induced my light-bulb moment. I thought, ‘There’s no way I am going to see 250 pounds.’ In a moment I decided: I’m going to face this unhealthy body–of all me– and be committed to healthy for life. Something changed.  My diet box had just been smashed open. If a genie lamp could be rubbed and wish granted, it was then. I didn’t realize the significance of that moment at the time: I had left the diet box.

Let me tell you, I was scared as heck to go forward for the rest of MY life committed to getting and being healthy. I was not only looking at the mountain, I was going to do whatever it took to scale that mountain, the mess of unhealthy ME, AND stay in it for life doing healthy. I can’t tell you how much courage it took to do this. Immense courage.

But honestly, a trembling step of brave in the right direction is more beautiful than a million steps taking “safe” detours around fears, truths & challenges.

A beautiful quote, author unknown to me, is this: “Whenever you step outside a box, the possibilities are endless.” Even though I had no clue how my road would unfold,  I had a definite life goal.  I wasn’t taking the safe road; I was going to face the elephant in the room (ha, me!) and do what I had been avoiding.

I never once regretted that exit.  Life outside the diet box isn’t always “easy” per say. I’ve had my bumps yet it doesn’t compare to the joy I have versus camping out in the ridiculous diet mentality/life! My message to you: Don’t be afraid.  There is a big wonderful world outside a set methodology.  A pound of courage, a ounce of honesty and a full scoop of “I really want healthy for my whole life ”…just could be the life turning point for you too!

March2013_248lbsThis first picture is a collage of me back in March 2013, the month before my turn around. April 28, 2013 was officially the date I set out on my healthy living journey. Ironically, I had just finished a 6 week high protein diet in February…haha, can’t you tell?! 😉 JK.


for the transformed & transforming me…

Next picture please…

Maintenance phase college picture:


August 2014 began maintenance phase @ 155 pounds. My body has settled around 150 lbs the past 3 years.  The amount of muscle I have & exercise I am doing, the foods I’m eating, care of my inner well-being, life circumstances all greatly impact my health,  body shape and weight! The importance though is finding where my body feels good and always taking care of me no matter what life throws my way!

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