In the Middle of the Night

Wide awake in the middle of the night, Can't sleep, can't get you off my mind. No saying how this story will go, No saying when these thoughts quiet down. - I've tossed and turned and tried to think Of a way to make wrongs become right. But the more I try the harder it [...]

Poetry: Your Dreams

Catch your dreams Paint them on the night sky Don’t let one day pass Without you giving them life. Catch your dreams Look them in the eye Don’t waste another moment Or second in time. Catch your dreams Hold them dear and close Etch them into your heart Never let them go.   © 2020 [...]

Poetry: SOS

By Monica C. Voskamp Broken, cut straight open, I didn't know how much The wounding hurt for I Swallowed whole the pill of numb. Broken, cut straight open, I didn't know I'd feel The accumulated pain Pound my punctured arteries. Broken, cut straight open, I didn't realize my stupor So obviously bleeded out SOS, I [...]